Maricelle Rivera

Maricelle Rivera has been part of the One Caribbean team for more than eight years.  She is the entertainment and local news correspondent for Puerto Rico.  She hosts On The Go Puerto Rico, which celebrated its 10th season in 2020.  She also hosts “Colors of the Caribbean” program.

After she graduated high school, she left her island for 10 years.  She studied in Europe and backpacked around the world on her own, adding to her life experience.  “I will never forget that while living in the United Kingdom, I saw how everyone worked 358 days per year so that they could take a one-week vacation in the Caribbean.  I couldn’t be happier to be back and to be able to show viewers around the world the beauties the Caribbean offers.” 

Her philosophy is to show the best of reality about living in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  “We are not perfect, but we are the most fun.”  Her goal is to show that despite natural disasters and challenges with infrastructure, the people of the Caribbean are resilient citizens who are happy to live in their corner of the world.

She believes everyone should visit at least one Caribbean location in his or her lifetime.

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