John Stehlin

John Stehlin has a passion for weather and for the culture of the Caribbean.  “It has a tremendous and diverse history.  Each island has a story and I love to learn and explore everything from food to language to customs.”  John has been part of the One Caribbean team since 2012.  His responsibilities include monitoring Caribbean weather conditions from sunny days to tropical cyclones. 

He works with a team of meteorologists and forecasts who prepare daily graphics and forecasts for the islands.  During severe weather, he coordinates coverage for the network.  That includes “crawls on TV to social media posts and Facebook live reports to inform those in the warning areas of danger.  I am also responsible for the daily Tropical Updates.”

John’s guiding principle to covering weather for the Caribbean “is to save lives.  Simple.  The number one priority is to make sure residents of the islands have the best and latest information on how weather, no matter sunny days to a category 5 hurricane, effects their lives.  You can expect John to be sure people have the information necessary to make decisions to benefit their lives.  “I make sure that the weather team gives accurate and specific information to remain safe and to enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean.” 

He understands the best thing about the region are its people.  “In my many travels to the Caribbean, I have found no group of people with such pride in their heritage.  I love that those in the Caribbean know how to have fun, party and enjoy time to laugh and eat!  Such wonderful foods.  It’s hard not to be smiling all the time when you visit.”  

John says he receives positive comments to social media posts and appreciates email from viewers in the Caribbean.  “I know that they care about the weather and what we are doing is of great service to them.”

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