Darlene Dittell

Meteorologist Darlene Dittell tracks and forecasts weather for the Greater and Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago on One Caribbean Television.  Naturally, this includes assessing the tropics and tracking hurricanes.  She joined One Caribbean Television in 2021. 

Darlene says “I have always been fascinated by the weather.  Growing up, I moved around to several different countries and had the opportunity to experience a variety of climates.  During this time, I realized how much weather impacts everyone’s life on a daily basis.”

She works to deliver a Caribbean forecast that is clear because “weather can be tricky to understand and I want to break it down to an easy to digest segment.  A forecast can be as simple as planning out what to pack for a vacation or how to protect your life.”  She sees the mission of One Caribbean Television as informing the public on the weather that determines their daily activities.  “I break down the weather based on timing…to let the viewer know the weather will fit into their lifestyle.” 

She believes the best things about the Caribbean are the beaches and snorkeling.  When she’s not forecasting weather, Darlene enjoys fishing, weightlifting, hiking and painting.