Tony Chiavaroli

Meteorologist Tony Chiavaroli forecasts weather for the Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago for One Caribbean.  He began his responsibilities in 2018.  Here is an interesting fact.  Tony made a winning appearance on The Rice Is Right (CBS) during celebrity week with Jane Lynch.  He also became engaged to his future wife on ESPN!

Tony believes understanding how geography plays a big factor in tropical weather is important.  He continues to study more about the challenges of rebuilding for areas of the Caribbean hard hit by tropical storms and hurricanes.

His main mission β€œis to always keep viewers weather aware, no matter if they are residents of a nation or are just passing through.” 

Tony is impressed by the beauty of San Juan, Puerto Rico and looks forward to a visit.  β€œI am marrying into a Puerto Rican family, hence another reason to visit.”