Sylvia Escoto

Sylvia Escoto joined the One Caribbean team in 2020 with extensive reporting experience.  She is a field reporter and news correspondent based in Puerto Rico.  She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and her parents are Cubans.  She holds a Bachelor in Science of Broadcast Journalism degree in Theater with a minor in Marketing from the University of Miami (FL).  She also has a Masters Degree in Public Relations from the University of Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico. 

Sylvia, better known as “Sylvi”  loves traveling and had the opportunity to take an extra semester in college and experience the program “Semester at Sea”, which she calls a “life-changing experience.” 

She enjoys television, movies, playing tennis and listening to music.  But, her favorite role in life is as that of wife and mother.  

Sylvia decided to study journalism because she wanted to be “an instrument of communication.  I am very aware of the responsibility that our career represents and I remind myself of this every single day in order to perform in the best and most responsible way always.”  She sees the mission of One Caribbean as “informing, education and helping our audience’s communities.  I incorporate that mission into my daily coverage by always humanizing stories.  Whenever I cover a story, I always ask how it impacts the community.”

She sees the people of the Caribbean as “warm, good hearted, charismatic islanders. I feel honored and am very excited to be part of this TV family.  I look forward to telling stories that will contribute to the well-being of our Caribbean society.”