Supporting a Haitian-led solution to complex security, health and economic challenges

LONDON, 16 June 2022 /PRNewswire Policy/ —

Statement by Alice Jacobs, UK Deputy Political Coordinator at the UN, at the Security Council briefing on Haiti

Thank you President.

I would like to thank SRSG La Lime for her briefing and her team's work in an increasingly challenging context.

I welcome hearing from our civil society briefer today and His Excellency joining us today.

President, allow me to make three points.

Firstly, the international community must remain committed to supporting a Haitian-led solution to the complex security, health and economic challenges faced by the Haitian people. The United Kingdom firmly believes that the work of United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti is fundamental in facilitating a unitied approach to resolving these multifaceted challenges. By strengthening the Haitian National Police and facilitating dialogue between Haitian political stakeholders, BINUH's efforts lay the groundwork for stability in Haiti. It is therefore critical that BINUH continues this work and we look forward to discussions on the renewal.

Secondly, while we support Haitian-led solutions, we understand there has been limited progress by Haitian stakeholders in resolving the political gridlock. We are disappointed that this continues to obstruct potential solutions for securing the welfare of the Haitian people.

We call on all actors to resume negotiations, and agree to form a government capable of ensuring the necessary security environment within which free and fair elections can be held as soon as possible.

Furthermore, it is extremely regrettable that the perpetrators of the assassination of President Moïse have not yet been brought to justice. This abhorrent act undermined the Haitian people's right to determine their own future democratically.

Thirdly, as this Council discussed in February, the security and human rights situation continues to deteriorate, notably with the increase in kidnappings, indiscriminate criminal violence, and instances of human trafficking. These kidnappings are increasingly targeting members of the international community who are often supporting the efforts of the Haitian government to overcome these crises.

Women and girls in Haiti experience myriad human rights abuses, including sexual and gender-based violence. The United Kingdom urges the Haitian authorities to improve access to medical and psychosocial services for survivors, and to hold perpetrators to account.

We continue to support BINUH's work with the Government of Haiti and the international community to tackle these challenges. We look forward to renewed efforts by BINUH to help restore human rights and the rule of law in its next mandate.

President, we remain deeply worried by the humanitarian situation in Haiti. Existing economic and health crises have been compounded by the devastating earthquake in southern Haiti last year, and by the rise in global food prices exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The United Kingdom encourages all actors to work constructively to find solutions to the root causes of these crises, and to support recovery and progress for the Haitian people.

SOURCE UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office