Ron del Barrilito's Autobiografia Seleccion Exclusiva Program Offers Exclusive Selection of Single Cask Aged Rum to Spirits Connoisseurs

Premium Puerto Rican sipping rum brand releases exclusive access to unique single cask, unblended liquid aged up to 50 years

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The premium Puerto Rican sipping rum brand, Ron del Barrilito, is proud to introduce Autobiografía Selección Exclusiva, an exclusive selection of aged rum from a single cask—unblended, pure and 100 percent authentic. Through this extremely limited single barrel program, Ron del Barrilito's legacy of unparalleled quality and taste is enhanced with the personalized selling of their finest spirits, putting the 140-year-old rum brand in the same category as the most elite scotch, cognac and bourbons on the market.  

Ron del Barrilito's robust rum offerings are unique on their own based on the number of years aged in the barrels and expertly blended, but that the brand uses ex-sherry barrels—from start to finish, as opposed to a temporary cask aging or a barrel "finish" of a few months or years—resulting in a much more premium offering and imports a unique flavor. While the barrel aging is no different from the brand's primary offerings, ranging from 2-Stars to 5-Stars, with the Autobiografía Selección Exclusiva program, there is no additional blending with the liquid and the aging can be pushed beyond the standard 30 year average lifespan well into 50 years, offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

"Throughout our 140-year history, this marks a new and exciting moment for the brand with an offering that has been decades in the making and pushes premium to the next level," says Maggie Matias, Chief Commercial Executive at Ron del Barrilito. "The single barrel, pure and unblended rum is unique on its own, but we're proud to be able to bring an exclusive experience to connoisseurs that both celebrates our heritage and offers unique taste profiles across each barrel—something unique and limited in the category. We've always been a brand rooted in smooth, delicious sipping rum backed by an unchanged process and we're pleased to be able to bring yet another premium liquid to an exclusive subset of our audience through the Autobiografía Selección Exclusiva program."

The exclusivity of the Autobiografia Selección Exclusiva is that each barrel meets the needs of the person or group selecting it, who engage with the brand's Master Blender, Luis Planas, throughout the process and come away with a rare offering that is unique in taste profile, age, ABV% and total yield, which cannot be replicated. The barrels being selected as part of this program are practically unheard of in terms of age in the rum world, given evaporation and losses, further driving the uniqueness of the offering. Once the barrel is selected, the unblended liquid is then bottled by hand, labeled and sealed in a signature black wax standing out from the any other product in the portfolio.

To date, several single barrels have been selected and purchased, one of which was valued at $400k earlier this year and with the most recent purchase being another first for the brand—through a partnership with Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve property. The hotel personally selected this rum for its unique taste profile, while maintaining the allure of exclusivity of Autobiografia, with just 91 bottles in existence. Beginning the end of this year, product and a series of rum tastings will also be available to the hotel guests to experience.

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Ron del Barrilito is the oldest Puerto Rican rum brand still in production. Since 1880, it has been made by the Fernández family at Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. To learn more, visit

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