Prime Minister Holness hails EU as solid development partner

BRUSSELS, 25 July 2022 /PRNewswire Policy/ — Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who officially opened the new office of the European Union Delegation to Jamaica on Tuesday July 19, says the move to this new location will allow the EU to be more visible and accessible to the people of Jamaica and reinforces the strength and longevity of the EU's commitment to Jamaica.

The Prime Minister expressing his satisfaction with the close to 5 decades of partnership between the EU and Jamaica, noted that the EU has been “solid development partners” supporting Jamaica in critical ways that go beyond national security and political interests, to include a focus on human development interests.

“I genuinely feel that you have been very excellent partners and very much interested in the development of the people of Jamaica,” the Prime Minister said.

He further stressed that the EU-Jamaica partnership is built on the principle of multilateralism and working together to solve challenges; and expressed the hope that as the EU embarks on a more enhanced partnership framework under the new Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS)/ EU Post Cotonou Partnership Agreement, the partnership will be strengthened even further.

“We anticipate an even deeper and closer level of collaboration based on the principles of partnership, equity and accountability on both sides. Jamaica looks forward to and stands ready to join with the EU and other members of the OACPS in advancing towards this new era of our political relationship,” he stated.

In addition to the modern look and feel, the new office, located on the corner of Fairway and Seymour Avenue, embodies the EU's commitment to issues that the EU values – chief among them, climate change, environmental protection and inclusivity. The property has a range of eco-friendly amenities – electric vehicle chargers, rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic panels and many green spaces. It also boasts an environment themed mural done in collaboration with Kingston Creative. It is hoped that the mural will inspire passers-by to take action to fight climate change. The building also places great emphasis on accessibility to persons with physical disabilities.

Over two hundred persons, including Cabinet ministers and other parliamentarians, representatives of the judiciary, diplomatic community, civil society, private sector, academia, EU partners and other well-wishers attended the inauguration ceremony.

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