Joe Curtis

Meteorologist Joe Curtis joined the One Caribbean weather team in 2018.  He forecasts and presents weather for Caribbean nations and territories on weekends.  You may see him during the week as well.  His video forecasts also appear on and on social media to help residents and travelers plan around the weather.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience and a concentration in Professional Meteorology.  “Weather is my passion, and I also love communicating the science and impacts of the weather to people.  That’s why I love working at One Caribbean.”

He acknowledges, “Weather impacts everyone, in all walks of life, every day.  If I’m able to make someone’s day better by telling them how to plan around the weather, then I have done my job.  I also love connecting with people and bringing smiles to their faces, through the television screen, during life’s most difficult challenges.” 

Of course, the responsibility involved with extreme weather is important.  “I am fascinated by tropical storms and hurricanes, but I am also saddened by how much destruction they can cause.  We help folks stay safe during the hurricane season by providing the best possible weather coverage across the entire Caribbean.” 

Joe is also an amateur photographer who enjoys capturing photos of nature and sports.  He also plays the electric guitar!  If you have a question for Joe, reach out on Facebook or on Twitter @joeyswx.