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Truly a nation “out of many, one people” Jamaica is a multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions. Our ancestors, from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, have helped to shape our culture, creating one that is uniquely Jamaican. When visiting our island home, take time to experience our culture… it’s what sets us apart from other Caribbean destinations.

Reason with a Rastafarian about life, love or politics. Lose yourself in the rhythms and movements of a people who still refuse to be constrained. Visit one of our many theatres or stage shows and delight in our performing arts, showcasing everything from Jonkonnu to jazz. Want to dance too? Join in the wild revelry of Carnival and Augus’ Mawnin or just follow the reggae beat, pulsing from street corners and rum bars island wide. After that, share a meal with us –ackee and saltfish with roast breadfruit, escoveitched fish, bammy and festival – our epicurean feasts will tantalize your taste buds. In Jamaica, you’ll discover new worlds, and familiar ones too, lots to learn about, and even more to love. No wonder we’ve been called ‘the biggest little island in the world…’ It’s a title we can live with.

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