Cayman Islands

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The defining moment of your Cayman Islands vacation could well be that moment in time when you realise you can do as much … or as little …as you choose.
From beach, to forest reserve, to surf park…from historic building, to bird sanctuary, to submarine there is an incredible array of attractions. Some you would expect to find in an idyllic Caribbean island and some you would not. Here, there really is something for everyone: for every age, for every physical ability and for every interest.

Perfect for the solo adventurer, for the romantic get-a-way or for the “togethering” family…the Cayman Islands has your kind of adventure.

Nestled in the calm, turquoise waters of the western Caribbean lies the peaceful British Overseas Territory known as the Cayman Islands. Consisting of three islands just 480 miles south of Miami, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman remain our little pieces of paradise. For the technical types, our exact location is latitude 19° 30N, longitude 80° 30W.

Blessed with sun-kissed beaches and waters teeming with gold flecked fish, the Cayman Islands offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

The People of the Cayman Islands are polite and not shy to greet all guests! Caymanians are people who know their history very well and could easily tell a visitor all the must-see spots. The Islands are also hassle-free with no street vendors, allowing a peaceful and pleasant visit as well as the freedom to wander and enjoy our capital: George Town, which possesses some of the best cooking and shopping in the Caribbean. Our island is one of the safest in the Caribbean boasting a low crime rate.

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