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The vivid colors of nature. An invigorating rush of recreational activities. The unique sounds of indigenous wildlife. The auras of mystery and majesty still lingering in historical Mayan sites. This is Cancun, a wondrous place that awakens your senses and enlightens your soul.

Situated on the coast of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun rests along the shores of the turquoise-blue Caribbean

Four decades ago, Cancún was a deserted island and few even knew of its existence.

Located in a nearly forgotten region of the Caribbean, it consisted of a series of sand dunes in the shape of a number “7″ -some parts of which were only 20 meters (66 ft) wide- separated from the mainland by two narrow canals that opened out on to a huge lagoon system.

The coast was comprised of marshes, mangroves, virgin jungle and unexplored beaches. Even its name was not clear: some maps called it “Kankun” (a single word written with the two “k’s”), which means “pot of snakes” or “nest of snakes” in Maya.

However, in the first Infratur documents (a government agency existing prior to the creation of Fonatur), it is written as two words, “Kan Kun,” and occasionally, “Can Cún” (in its Spanish form). The current name of “Cancún” is a natural phonetic development that facilitates pronunciation… or maybe it developed by mere chance.

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