Soft beaches, powerful surf, refined sophistication and an up-tempo, festive feel.

Experience the authentic Caribbean.

Whether you seek soft beaches, powerful surf, refined sophistication or the up-tempo, festive feel, Barbados has something for everyone. It enjoys the graces of two oceans, the Caribbean Sea on its west side and the Atlantic Ocean at its eastern end. The two bodies of water converge on the island’s southern shores, where smaller hotels and legions of windsurfers await.

The local Bajans, as they are known, display a brawn inherited from both over three centuries of British rule and the faith and endurance of the former slaves who populated the island to cultivate sugarcane. A wealth of traditions have influenced every facet of life, from music and dance to cuisine and herbal bush medicine. Barbados is the birthplace of rum!

Barbados offers luxurious hotels, inns and villas lining many beaches.

Visit the famous Millionaires Playground (a.k.a. Platinum Coast). Barbados premier festival, Crop Over, which traditionally celebrated the end of the sugar season, lasts for five weeks and includes markets, carnival shows, calypso concerts and colorful parades. Other special events also draw visitors: Holders Season, held in March, is internationally renowned for its series of opera, theater and music performances. The Barbados Jazz Festival has live performances seven nights in a row; each held a different island venue.

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