Carib Life ATL

From Executive Producer Damon “Bware” Vanzant, son of television mogul and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant (“Fix My Life”), comes a brand new and groundbreaking Reality TV program, Carib Life ATL. The sizzling series, which introduces viewers to a new genre of Caribbean-driven Reality TV will air on One Caribbean Television in September 2020.

With the epic Atlanta Caribbean Carnival as the backdrop, “Carib Llife ATL” zooms in on the journey of 7 of ATL’s most prominent Caribbean American influencers to the massive lucrative and festive event. The bubbling reality personalities find themselves at a crossroads during this riveting first season, as they grapple with a once united community become divided, with a slice of Carnival’s enormous revenue pie at stake.

The show’s stars, who ingeniously represent the diversity of Atlanta’s Caribbean diaspora, include Lady Chinks (bottle service boss) Alex and Brandon (twin owners of Atlanta’s #1 Soca sound system Unique Sounds), Marlon Revo (promoter, producer, DJ and business man), Patricia Henry (official Atlanta Caribbean Carnival President), Annie Love (online radio host, aspiring Soca & Dancehall artist and vixen) and Red Carpet Shelley (broadcast radio personality, community activist and voice of reason). The cast will not only deal with brewing community challenges this first season, but also a melee of curveballs that life throws their way. Audiences will be in for a crazy ride with the vibrant stars chock full of music, life’s highs, jaw dropping lows and much more!

But these are not the only Caribbean personalities audiences will be introduced to this season. There are other movers and shakers that enter Atlanta Caribbean mix. Get ready, Atlanta is just starting to heat up and for the first time ever, fans will get a well curated view of Atlanta’s best kept secret, it’s massive, spicy, colorful and festive Caribbean community.